Economic Impacts Child Marriage Educational Attainment Brief

Education lays the foundation of our future, especially our children. It plays a key role in determining how successful they will be as adults. There are many different factors that impact a child’s ability to succeed in school, and the long-term implications for their future. There are many benefits on children when it comes to education such as better career prospects, higher wages, and lower likelihood of being unemployed. This article explores why a child’s education is important for the economy.

Education is the Doorway to a Better Future

This means that an investment in education pays off in the long run, and can help lift people out of poverty. Higher wages for educated workers create more consumer demand, which leads to higher economic growth. Higher levels of consumption can lead to higher economic growth due to an increase in productivity. Higher levels of productivity can lead to an increase in economic growth due to an increase in capital investment.

Decreased likelihood of Being Unemployed

Education, particularly at the post-secondary level, is positively correlated with lower unemployment. 

This is because people with higher education are better able to find jobs that match their skills and interests. In times of economic difficulty, workers with higher education are more likely to keep their jobs than those with less education because they are often in fields that are less susceptible to disruption.