Economic Impacts Child Marriage Work Earnings And Household Welfare Brief

Economics is a great degree to have because it opens up many career paths. Economics majors can go on to work in business, education, government, and more. Each of these fields has different job opportunities available with an economics degree. So what are some of the different career options for an economics major? Let’s take a look at some common ones:


Government agencies hire many economics majors to help them make decisions and inform policy-making. You may be able to find jobs in government at the local, state, or federal level. Some of the specific job titles common in government for economics majors include economic analyst, economist, financial analyst, and financial adviser.


Many economics majors choose to go into education as a career path. You can find jobs as an economics professor at the college or high school level, or you can go into another education-related field like curriculum development or teaching economics as a specialty.

Data Analysis and Advancement

Many large companies hire economics majors to help them make data-driven decisions.

This includes data analysis, data visualization, and data modeling. Economics majors can help businesses make decisions related to marketing, supply chains, sales, and more.